Bicycles and Motorcycles
373.01   Code application to bicycles.
373.02   Riding upon seats; handle bars; helmets and glasses.
373.03   Attaching bicycle or sled to vehicle.
373.04   Riding bicycles and motorcycles abreast.
373.05   Signal device on bicycle.
373.06   Lights and reflector on bicycle; brakes.
373.07   Riding bicycle on right side of roadway; obedience to traffic rules; passing.
373.08   Reckless operation; control, course and speed.
373.09   Parking of bicycle.
373.10   Motorized bicycle operation, equipment and license.
373.11   Riding bicycles on sidewalks prohibited.
373.12   Skateboards; roller skates.
373.13   Electric bicycles.
         See sectional histories for similar State law
         Motorcycle protective equipment - see OAC Ch. 4501-17
         Motorized bicycle equipment - see OAC Ch. 4501-23
         Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.04
         Motorcycle defined - see TRAF. 301.19
         Bicycles prohibited on freeways - see TRAF. 303.06
         Motorcycle operator's license required - see TRAF. 335.01(a)
         Motorcycle headlight - see TRAF. 337.03
         Motorcycle brakes - see TRAF. 337.18(b)