A.   Required; Filing; Issuance: All applications for a license shall be made to the city recorder. Upon payment of appropriate fees and demonstration of compliance with applicable ordinances, codes and statutes, the city recorder or designee shall issue a business license. All licenses shall be issued by the city recorder, and signed by the mayor and the city recorder, and attested under the seal of the city. The city recorder shall keep an alphabetical list of the licenses issued, stating the number, name of applicant, time, place and kind of business, and the amount paid, with such remarks as may be considered necessary. (1999 R.O. § 3-1-3)
   B.   Information On Application: The application shall show the following information:
      1.   The name of the person desiring a license; if a partnership, the names of all of the partners, and if a corporation, the names of the principal officers thereof.
      2.   The business, call, trade or profession to be performed, practiced or carried on, and the type of license desired therefor, if there be different types of licenses for such trade, calling, business or profession.
      3.   The exact location of the place where such business, calling, trade or profession is to be carried on, describing the same by street number, and if only a part of the premises at a given address is to be occupied for the licensed business, then the exact description of the part which is to be so occupied.
      4.   Such other matter or information as may be required by law or ordinance, or by the city council under resolutions or regulations applicable thereto.
   C.   Transfer Or Assignment Of License Not Permitted: No license granted under the provisions of this chapter, or otherwise, shall be in any manner assignable or transferable, or authorize any person other than is mentioned or named therein to do business or authorize any other business that is therein mentioned or named to be done or transacted at any other place than is herein mentioned or named, unless by permission of the city council. (1999 R.O. § 3-1-4)