A.   Designated: The mayor, with advice and consent of the city council, may designate a person to carry out the administrative responsibilities of this title. The person so designated is referred to herein as the "zoning administrator" (ZA).
   B.   Responsibilities, Powers And Duties: It is the responsibility of the zoning administrator to ensure all administrative processes, procedures and other provisions of this title are consistently and equitably applied. The zoning administrator shall have the following powers and duties:
      1.   Render final administrative decisions and interpretations of this title.
      2.   Provide a determination of all permitted, conditional and temporary uses.
      3.   Approve, approve with revisions, or deny all site plan applications to establish a permitted use proposing to occupy an existing building, or proposing to modify the interior of an existing building.
      4.   Approve, approve with revisions, or deny a temporary use application. (Ord., 8-10-2006)