A.   Powers And Duties: The city council shall have the following powers and duties under this title to:
      1.   Adopt and to initiate amendments to the general plan, and all elements of the general plan;
      2.   Adopt and to initiate amendments to this title and/or zoning map;
      3.   Approve, approve with conditions, or deny all conditional use applications;
      4.   Establish a fee schedule by resolution for all approvals, permits and licenses required by this title;
      5.   Solicit the state property rights ombudsman to conduct a hearing and a recommendation to the city council if an applicant asserts a deprivation of, or has been subject to, a taking of property without just compensation, or asserts some other constitutional invalidity, as provided herein;
      6.   Take other action not expressly delegated to the planning commission, appeal authority or mayor.
   B.   Effect Of Decisions; Records Maintained: All decisions of the city council made under this title, shall take effect on the date of the meeting when the decision is made, unless a different date is established at the time the decision is made. The minutes of all meetings of the city council shall be filed in the city office. All such records shall be available for public review and access in accordance with the government records and access management act, Utah Code Annotated section 63-2-101 et seq., as amended. (Ord., 8-10-2006)