A.   Building Permit, Compliance Required: No site preparation or building construction for any building or structure shall be commenced without first obtaining a building permit. No existing building or structure shall be moved, altered or enlarged, nor shall any land, building or premises be used, designed or intended to be used for any purpose or in any manner other than as allowed by this title.
   B.   Processing Permit Applications: All applications for building permits shall be processed, reviewed and approved or denied, subject to the provisions of this title, by the Duchesne County/Myton City building inspector. No utility company shall hook up service without said building permit being issued. No vacant land shall be occupied and used, and no building hereafter erected shall be occupied or used, until a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the Duchesne County/Myton City building inspector.
   C.   Entrance Authorized: As provided by Utah Code Annotated section 10-9a-303, the city or Duchesne County/Myton City building inspector is authorized to enter upon any land at reasonable times to make examinations and surveys pertinent to the preparation of its general plan and land use ordinances, and the enforcement thereof.
   D.   Authority To Issue: All officials and employees with the duty or authority to issue approvals, permits or licenses required by this title shall require that such approvals, permits or licenses conform to the provisions of this title, and shall not issue any approvals, permits or licenses for uses, buildings or structures for any purpose in conflict with the provisions of this title. Any approval, permit or license issued in violation of this title shall be invalid. (Ord., 8-10-2006)