A.   Authorized: For water service outside the corporate city limits, the connection fee, the turnon fee and the rates, shall be set by resolution upon the decision of the city council to provide such services.
   B.   Guarantee: The city shall require, from time to time, the posting of a service payment guarantee from each outside city customer, such guarantee to be in such amount as shall be determined by the city council, or in lieu thereof, the utilities maintenance person shall obtain a service application signed by the fee title owner of the property to be served, and providing for water charges, together with penalty, interest and costs, to become a lien against the property to be served, and said agreement to run as a covenant with the land.
   C.   Installation Of Service Lines: No water service lines shall be installed outside the city and such water lines as are necessary for rendering of water service outside of the corporate limits shall be installed at the expense of the applicants, and water service shall be provided by the city only after the water extension lines have been assigned to the city, together with necessary easements and rights of way.
   D.   Charges Due; Delinquency: The times when water service charges become due and become delinquent and become subject to shutoff, shall be the same as provided in this chapter for users within the city. (1999 R.O. § 8-1-26)