A.   Form: Any person desiring, or who is required, to secure water and/or sewer service from the city water and sewer department, when such service is available, shall apply to the city recorder and file an agreement with the city, which shall be in such form as is on file in the city office. (1999 R.O. § 8-1-5; amd. 2008 Code)
   B.   Tenant Applications: Applications for water and sewer services made by the tenant of an owner must, in addition to the above requirements, be accompanied by an agreement signed by the owner of the premises to the following effect:
In consideration of the granting of the application for water and sewer services submitted by                     , tenant, I will pay for all water and sewer furnished such tenant, or any other occupant of (premises named in application) in case such tenant or occupant shall fail to pay for the same according to the ordinances, rules and regulations enacted by the City of Myton.
(1999 R.O. § 8-1-6)
   C.   Application Turnon Charge: Application to have water turned on shall be made to the city office and shall contain an agreement by the applicant to abide by and accept all provisions of this chapter as conditions governing the use of the city water supply by the applicant. If the applicant has not paid a water bill for a period of three (3) years, a reactivation fee, in such amount as established by resolution of the city council, shall be paid. (1999 R.O. § 8-1-18; amd. 2008 Code)