A.   Established: The city council shall formulate and establish such rules and regulations for the protection and governing of matters pertaining to the cemetery as shall from time to time be found necessary to properly protect the property therein and maintain said cemetery in suitable and proper condition. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-12)
   B.   Burials Must Be In Cemetery: It shall be unlawful for any person to bury the body of a deceased person within the limits of the city except in the burying grounds located therein. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-10)
   C.   Plats Of Cemetery Recorded: It is hereby made the duty of the city recorder to cause to be made an accurate plat of all of the lots, blocks, walks, roads and lines of the city cemetery and file and record the same in his office. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-11)
   D.   Burial Of Indigent Persons: Such lots as the city council shall, from time to time, designate shall be reserved for the burial of indigent persons. If there is a need for indigent burial plots, application shall be made to the city council who shall review each case on an individual basis. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-13)
   E.   Driving Cars Or Other Vehicles: Driving on lots, backing over graves, cutting corners or speeding in the cemetery is prohibited. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-14)
   F.   Opening Graves; Superintending Interments: The city recorder shall cause to be opened without delay, upon payment of fee, all graves in the cemetery upon application to him being made by the owner of any lot or by any person having the right to enter therein. He shall superintend every interment and shall fill up and neatly trim the grave immediately after depositing the coffin and shall fill up and trim all graves that have settled or may hereafter settle. He shall register the names, ages, parentage and place of birth, if known, of all persons interred therein, the place of their interment, the cause of death, and the name of the attending physician or nurse. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-15)
   G.   Monuments, Markers:
      1.   It is unlawful for any person to place any monument on any lot in the cemetery made of any material other than metal, stone or cement.
      2.   It shall be unlawful for any person to place more than two (2) markers or monuments on any one grave.
   H.   Violation Unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to violate any rules or the regulations as herein set forth or any published rules or regulations established by this section respecting the city cemetery. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-16)
   I.   Animals: It is unlawful for any person to drive or ride any animal within the limits of the city cemetery.
   J.   Motor Vehicles: It is unlawful for any person to drive or ride any motor vehicle within the limits of the cemetery at a rate of speed greater than fifteen (15) miles per hour.
   K.   Injury To Property: It is unlawful for any person to injure or deface any marker, tree, shrub or any other property in the city cemetery. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-17)
   L.   Days When Burials Prohibited: No burials shall be allowed on the following days: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Sundays; provided, however, that a burial may be permitted on any of the days described herein if the deceased died of a contagious disease or burial is required by religious practices. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-19)
   M.   Double Depth Burials:
      1.   Anyone who wishes to make a double depth burial in the city cemetery may make application for such to the city recorder, who will give permission for such burial in any location if the water table and ground conditions in that location will accept a burial on two (2) different depths. The fee for the first burial shall be twice that of the regular opening and closing fee, and for the second burial the regular opening and closing fee will be charged. The grave marker for the double depth burial or for a single grave shall not be wider than three feet (3'). (1999 R.O. § 4-1-20; amd. 2008 Code)
      2.   Grave liners for double depth burials must be of the type built specifically for that purpose. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-20)
   N.   Notice Of Burials And Purchases Required:
      1.   All persons in charge of bodies to be buried in the city cemetery must make the necessary arrangements for digging of the grave, time of arrival at the cemetery, supplies for vaults or other pertinent matters at least eight (8) working hours prior to such burial. Families desiring to purchase grave space for such a burial must contact the city recorder at least eight (8) working hours prior to burial time.
      2.   The city recorder and his employees shall not be responsible for any error or claimed error in opening graves when orders are given by telephone or other than in writing. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-21)
   O.   East-West Burials Required: All burials shall be with the length of the casket on an east-west alignment. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-22)