A.   Deed Evidence Of Ownership: The purchase of one or more burial spaces or lots from the city will be evidenced by a deed issued by the city recorder's office. The deed shall be the sole evidence of title recognized by the city. Transfer of title of property from the grantee on the deed shall be recognized only upon recordation with the city recorder. The city recorder shall keep an index book of all burial spaces or lots to which deeds have been issued and shall show any transfer from the original purchaser to any subsequent owner, and also shall index any probate or other judicial proceedings which affects the ownership of a lot or burial space.
   B.   Abandonment: Any lot or burial space containing one or more empty or unused burial spaces to which no deed of conveyance has been recorded for a period of seventy five (75) years or more; or any lot or burial space which has remained empty without the burial of a human body for period in excess of fifty (50) years will be deemed abandoned by the property owner. Such lots and burial spaces may in the interest of utilization of the cemetery be reclaimed and sold by the city.
   C.   Nature And Extent Of Rights Acquired By Deed: Upon payment of the purchase price for any lot or burial space, the deed issued by the city recorder in the name of the purchaser shall vest in the purchaser, the right to use the burial space or lot for burial purposes only and subject to all rules, regulations, limitations and conditions as provided herein and by the city recorder as are necessary for efficient care of the cemetery. (1999 R.O. § 4-1-7)