A.   Violations: Any permit may be revoked or suspended and a stop order issued by the city engineer, after notice to the permittee for:
      1.   Violation of any condition of the permit, the security or of any provision of this chapter;
      2.   Violation of any provision of any other ordinance of the city or law relating to the work; or
      3.   Existence of any condition or the doing of any act which does constitute, may constitute, or cause a condition endangering life or property.
   B.   Immediate Effect: A suspension or revocation by the city engineer, and a stop order, shall take effect immediately upon entry thereof by the city engineer and notice to the person performing the work in the public way. Notice to the person performing the work shall be accomplished when the city engineer has posted a stop work order at the location of the work and written notice has been mailed, return receipt requested, to the address indicated by the permittee on the permit.
   C.   Notice Of Default: Whenever the city engineer finds that a default has occurred in the performance of any term or condition of the permit, written notice thereof may be given to the principal and to the surety on the bond, if there is a surety bond. Such notice shall state the work to be done, the estimated cost thereof, and the period of time deemed by the city engineer to be reasonably necessary for the completion of the work.
   D.   Performance By City: In the event that the surety (or principal), within a reasonable time following the giving of such notice (taking into consideration the exigencies of the situation, the nature of the work, the requirements of public safety and for the protection of persons and property), fails either to commence and cause the required work to be performed with due diligence, or to indemnify the city for the cost of doing the work, as set forth in the notice, the city may perform the work, at the discretion of the city engineer, with city forces or contract forces, or both; and suit may be commenced by the city attorney against the contractor and bonding company and such other persons as may be liable, to recover the entire amount due to the city, including attorney fees, on account thereof. In the event that cash has been deposited, the cost of performing the work may be charged against the amount deposited, and suit brought for the balance due, if any. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-17)