A.   Required: The permittee shall, at its own expense, restore the surface of any public way to its original condition and replace any removed or damaged pavement with the same type and depth of pavement as that which is adjoining, including the gravel base material. All restoration shall conform to the engineering regulations, design standards and specifications promulgated by the city and shall be accomplished within the time limits set forth in the permit, unless additional time is granted in writing by the department.
   B.   Request Of City To Restore: At its option, the permittee doing the actual excavation work may request that the city restore the surface to its original condition. The fee for such resurfacing shall be determined by the city engineer in accordance with its reasonable costs for such work and shall be charged to the person, firm or corporation making the excavation. Payment for said work shall be received by the city prior to the release of the bond. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-12)