A.   Compliance Required: The work performed in the public way shall conform to the requirements of the engineering regulations, design standards, construction specifications and traffic control regulations of the city, copies of which shall be available from the city engineer, kept on file in the office of the city recorder and be open to public inspection during office hours.
   B.   Signage: Where a job site is left unattended, before completion of the work, signage with minimum two inch (2") high letters shall be attached to a barricade or otherwise posted at the site, indicating the permittee's name, or company name, telephone number, and after hours telephone number.
   C.   Minimization Of Interference Or Interruption: All excavations shall be conducted in a manner resulting in a minimum amount of interference or interruption of street or pedestrian traffic. Inconvenience to residents and businesses fronting on the public way shall be minimized.
   D.   Barricades:
      1.   Suitable, adequate and sufficient barricades and/or other structures will be available and used where necessary to prevent accidents involving property or persons. Barricades must be in place until all of the permittee's equipment is removed from the site and the excavation has been backfilled and proper temporary gravel surface is in place, except where backfilling and resurfacing is to be done by the city; in which case the barricades, together with any necessary lights, flares or torches, must remain in place until the backfill work is actually commenced by the city.
      2.   From sunset to sunrise, all barricades and excavations must be clearly outlined by adequate signal lights, torches, etc. The police department and fire department shall be notified at least twenty four (24) hours in advance of any planned excavation requiring street closure or traffic detour. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-8)