A.   Starting And Completion Date: Each permit application shall state the starting date and estimated completion date. Work shall be completed within five (5) days from the starting date or as determined by the city engineer. Such determination shall be based upon factors reasonably related to the work to be performed under the permit. Such factors may include, in addition to other factors related to the work to be performed, the following:
      1.   The scope of work to be performed under the permit;
      2.   Maintaining the safe and effective flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the public way affected by the work;
      3.   Protecting the existing improvements to the public way impacted by the work;
      4.   The season of the year during which the work is to be performed, as well as the current weather and its impact on public safety and the use of the public way by the public;
      5.   Use of the public way for extraordinary events anticipated by the city.
   B.   Notification Of Commencement: The city engineer shall be notified by the permittee of commencement of the work within twenty four (24) hours prior to commencing work. The permit shall be valid for the time period specified in the permit.
   C.   Application For Extension:
      1.   If the work is not completed during such period, prior to the expiration of the permit, the permittee may apply to the city engineer for an additional permit or an extension, which may be granted by the city engineer for good cause shown.
      2.   The length of the extension requested by the permittee shall be subject to the approval of the city engineer. No extension shall be made that allows work to be completed in the winter period without payment of winter fees. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-6)