A.   Required: The city shall charge and the permittee shall pay upon issuance of the permit, fees for costs associated with the work performed under the permit as outlined in the consolidated fee schedule. Such costs could include costs for reviewing the project and issuing the permit, inspections of the project, deterioration of the public way or diminution of the useful life of the public way, and other costs to the city associated with the work to be done under the permit. All costs shall be assessed in a nondiscriminatory manner.
   B.   Waiver: The city engineer may waive permit fees or penalties or portion thereof provided for in this chapter, when he/she determines that such permit fee or penalty:
      1.   Pertains to construction or rehabilitation of housing for persons whose income is below the median income level for the city; or
      2.   Pertains to an encroachment on the public way involving a beautification project which furthers specific goals and objectives set forth in the city strategic plan, master plan or other official documents, including decorative street lighting, building facade lighting, flower and planter boxes, and landscaping.
   C.   Additional Charges: Additional charges to cover the reasonable cost and expenses of any required engineering review, inspection and work site restoration associated with each undertaking may be charged by the city to each permittee, in addition to the permit fee. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-5)