A.   Any person maintaining pipes, lines or facilities in the public way may proceed with work upon existing facilities without a permit when emergency circumstances demand the work to be done immediately; provided a permit could not reasonably and practicably have been obtained beforehand.
   B.   In the event that emergency work is commenced on or within any public way of the city during regular business hours, the city engineer shall be notified within one-half (1/2) hour from the time the work is commenced. The person commencing and conducting such work shall take all necessary safety precautions for the protection of the public and the direction and control of traffic, and shall ensure that work is accomplished according to city engineering regulations, the manual on uniform traffic control devices and other applicable laws, regulations or generally recognized practices in the industry.
   C.   Any person commencing emergency work in the public way during other than business hours without a permit shall immediately thereafter apply for a permit or give notice during the first hour of the first regular business day on which city offices are open for business after such work is commenced. A permit for such emergency work may be issued which shall be retroactive to the date when the work was begun, at the discretion of the city engineer. (1999 R.O. § 23-1-4)