7-3-1: Definitions
7-3-2: Permit Required; Basis For Issuance
7-3-3: Application Requirements
7-3-4: Emergency Work
7-3-5: Fees For Permit
7-3-6: Contents Of Permit; Duration, Extensions
7-3-7: Transfer Or Assignment Of Permit
7-3-8: Compliance With Specifications, Standards, Traffic Control Regulations; Site Permittee Identification
7-3-9: Other Highway Permits
7-3-10: Relocation Of Structures In Public Ways
7-3-11: Impact On Existing Improvements
7-3-12: Restoration Of Public Property
7-3-13: Insurance Requirements
7-3-14: Bond; When Required, Conditions, Warranty
7-3-15: Hold Harmless Agreement; Limitations On City Liability
7-3-16: Work Without Permit; Penalty
7-3-17: Failure To Comply; Default In Performance
7-3-18: Failure To Conform To Design Standards
7-3-19: Appeal Of Suspension, Revocation Or Stop Order
7-3-20: Tampering With Traffic Barricades
7-3-21: Conflict With Governing Provisions
7-3-22: Penalty