A.   No truck or truck trailer with a rated capacity above that described in section 6-2-1 of this chapter shall be allowed to be parked on the public streets in a residential area other than the designated routes listed in section 6-2-2 of this chapter, except while actually loading or unloading merchandise. Nonregulated streets may be utilized for resident drivers for curbside parking.
   B.   No truck or truck trailer hauling livestock shall be parked on any city street other than the designated routes, except while actually loading or unloading.
   C.   Exceptions to this section are school buses, utility maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles.
   D.   Vehicles may be given special permission from the city council, upon appeal to the city council, and if the city council determines that special permission is in the best interest of the city. (1999 R.O. § 20-1-3)