A.   Specified: The following streets are hereby designated as truck routes, and the truck route designations are exclusive. Any large vehicle or truck, as described in section 6-2-1 of this chapter, shall use only those routes specified herein or additional temporary routes as shall be established by the city council, either by written permission upon application to deviate from the truck route, or by the posting of temporary road signs during the period of temporary or alternate truck routing. Any vehicle driven on any other streets than those herein designated, which are controlled by these regulations, shall be deemed in violation of this section. The following areas are designated truck routes: (1999 R.O. § 20-1-2; amd. 2008 Code)
      1.   U.S. Highway 40.
      2.   The street named any of the following: 100 South or Indian Highway.
      3.   The street named any of the following: Link Street or 200 East.
      4.   The street named any of the following: Center Street or Cooper Street south to Duchesne County line beginning at 100 South.
      5.   The street named 500 West and that portion of Main Street that connects Highway 40 to the southbound intersection of 500 West.
      6.   Other streets as designated by express written permission of the city council, subject to such necessary regulations as are set forth in the written permission in order to accommodate necessary deviation of truck traffic from designated truck routes.
   B.   Exception: The above truck routes shall not apply to trucks delivering to or returning from construction sites where it is not possible to use a designated truck route, or to school buses and for mail delivery or pick up, or to trucks delivering merchandise to or from local businesses or local residences or established truck terminals, or traveling to or from garages, if said travel or delivery is made by the most direct route. Any deviation from the designated routes must be for a legitimate business or work related purpose. The maximum speed for trucks over posted load limit on any street not designated as a truck route shall not exceed twenty (20) miles per hour. (1999 R.O. § 20-1-2)