An alarm user shall:
   A.   Maintain the premises and the alarm system in a manner that will minimize or eliminate false alarms;
   B.   Make every reasonable effort to respond or cause a representative to respond to the alarm system's location within thirty (30) minutes when notified by the City to deactivate a malfunctioning alarm system, to provide access to the premises, or to provide alternative security for the premises;
   C.   Not manually activate an alarm for any reason other than an occurrence of an event that the alarm system was intended to report;
   D.   Adjust the mechanism or cause the mechanism to be adjusted so that an alarm signal audible on the exterior of an alarm site will sound for no longer than ten (10) minutes after being activated (or 15 minutes for systems operating under Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., Standard 365 or 609);
   E.   Have a properly licensed alarm company inspect the alarm system after two (2) false alarms in a one year period. After four (4) false alarms within a one year period, the alarm user must have a properly licensed alarm company modify the alarm system to be more false alarm resistant or provide additional user training as appropriate;
   F.   Not use automatic voice dialers; and
   G.   Maintain at each alarm site a set of written operating instructions for each alarm system. (Ord. 17-25)