(A)    Loading/unloading and delivery exceptions. No vehicle shall be parked or backed to the curb on any street, except that wagons, trucks, and delivery vehicles may do so when loading and unloading provided that such loading and unloading and delivery of property and material shall not consume more than 30 minutes.  Such backing of trucks or wagons is prohibited at all times and on all streets in the city where any truck or wagon so backed interferes with the use of the roadway of moving vehicles or occupies road space within ten feet of the center line of the street.
   (B)   The city may establish diagonal parking at certain places, requiring the parking of vehicles at a certain angle to the curb and within a certain portion of the roadway adjacent thereto.  However, diagonal parking shall not be established where the roadway space required therefor would be within ten feet of the center line of any street.  Such diagonal parking places shall be designated by suitable signs, and shall indicate by markings on the pavement the required angle and the width of the roadway space within which such vehicle shall park.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to so park such vehicle that any part thereof shall extend beyond the lines marking the side or the rear of the space assigned for one vehicle.
(Am. Ord. 19-13, passed 4-22-19)  Penalty, see § 72.15