Purpose And Definitions   I
Auctioneers   II
Bankers And Brokers   III
Barbers And Beauty Culturists   IV
Bowling Alleys, Billiard Parlors And Shooting Galleries   V
Carnivals And Circuses   VI
Coin In Slot Devices   VII
Game Rooms   VIII
Contractors   IX
Detective Agencies And Private Detectives (Rep. by Ord. 3617, 3-4-1986)   X
Public Passenger Vehicles   XI
Dry Cleaners And Laundries   XII
Private Employment Agencies   XIII
Florists And Nurseries   XIV
Foreign Fire Insurance Agencies 1
(Rep. by Ord. 5511, 9-20-2005)   XV
Health Clubs, Gymnasiums, Golf Courses, Driving Ranges And Skating Rinks   XVI
Hotels And Motels   XVII
Kennels, Animal Hospitals And Pet Shops   XVIII
Lumber And Coal Yards   XIX
Outdoor Advertisers, Printers And Publishers   XX
Parking Garages And Lots   XXI
Business, Vocational And Dancing Schools   XXII
Secondhand Dealers And Scavengers (Rep. by Ord. 5615, 2-6-2007)   XXIII
Service Stations And Machine Shops   XXIV
Theaters, Cabarets, Nightclubs, Public Dances And Other Entertainment   XXV
Trailer Coach Parks   XXVI
Undertaking Establishments   XXVII
Vendors, Solicitors And Others Engaged In Retail Sales And Services   XXVIII
Gold And Silver Merchants   XXIX
Raffles And Chances   XXX
Wrecker And Towing Services   XXXI
Manufacturers And Warehousing Establishments   XXXII
Wholesale, Retail And Service
Establishments   XXXIII
General Provisions, Including Fees   XXXIV
Arrests, Penalties And Disposition Of Fines   XXXV
Business Inspection Certificates   XXXVI
Sale Of Tobacco Products   XXXVII
Placement Of Publication Vending
Equipment On Public Property   XXXVIII
Massage Establishments   XXXIX
Conflict With Certain Home Rule County Ordinances   XL
Cannabis Business Establishments   XLI



1. See chapter 5, article XVI of this Code.