(A)   The towing company shall permanently post a schedule of charges approved by the town for the rotation system in each storage compound. The towing contractor may label this price schedule "Noncommercial Town of Mount Pleasant Rates" to differentiate these charges from the charges which the towing contractor may make in his or her commercial towing business unrelated to the rotation system for the town.
   (B)   The charges to be made to the owner of the vehicle will be determined at the time of towing for all vehicles. The tow truck driver or other representative of the towing contractor will complete a towing ticket in triplicate, listing the specific charge, the time and date of removal, and the location of removal. The ticket will also have printed on it the general schedule of charges and the location of the towing contractor's storage compound. One copy of the ticket will be retained by the contractor; one copy will be delivered to the Town Police Department to be attached to the Police Department copy of the inventory of the vehicle made pursuant to these specifications; one copy will be given to the owner or operator of the vehicle, if known, or securely attached to the vehicle. Contractors shall accept valid credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment.
   (C)   The town will not be responsible for the payment or collection of any charge for services rendered unless such service is applicable to town-owned or town-leased equipment. All services rendered to non-town-owned or leased vehicles shall be charged to the owner of the towed vehicle or other lawful claimant of possession. Charges related to town-owned or leased vehicles will be forwarded monthly to the town for payment. The invoices which list these charges to the town will identify the vehicle towed, the vehicle's town identification number, the location from which towed, the applicable rates, and the time and date of the service. No charge will be made for emergency minor repair or service to a police or fire vehicle, such as tire changes, battery boosts or similar service. When such emergency service is rendered to a police or fire vehicle, the towing contractor will not lose his or her turn on the rotation list.
   (D)   The fees to be charged for services rendered under this chapter shall be as follows:
      (1)   Basic towing: $150.
      (2)   Night tow: $150.
      (3)   Wrecked vehicle: $150.
      (4)   *Recovery: $45 per hour (when actual recovery begins).
      (5)   Outside storage: $25 per day.
      (6)   Gate fee: $15 (may be charged anytime other than normal business hours).
      (7)   Drop fee: $80.
*Recovery is work on the part of the wrecker company above and beyond the normal hook up and tow. For example, retrieving an overturned vehicle from a ditch is recovery. The wrecker company should make the Police Department aware of its involvement with recovery work, along with the commencement and completion time of the same.
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