(A)   In addition, the impound report described in division (B), the towing contractor must provide the Town Police Department monthly reports, within ten  days of the end of each month, or on demand. This report should include a complete and detailed listing of vehicles which have been impounded and remain on their tow lot the past thirty 30 days (or longer if so deemed necessary by the Town Police Department). Any additional information required on such reports shall be determined by the Town Police Department.
   (B)   The towing contractor, immediately upon removal or impounding of any vehicle, shall prepare a written report of the services rendered which will include the following:
      (1)   Report No. _________Vehicle Towing Service (Contract).
      (2)   Vehicle information.
         (a)   Make and model of vehicle.
         (b)   License number.
         (c)   Vehicle identification number (VIN).
         (d)   Number of tires (including spare).
         (e)   Tools and other separate articles of personal property.
         (f)   General description of the vehicle as to the condition, damaged parts (identified in detail), and such other information as may be necessary to adequately describe the vehicle. Such report shall be signed by the contractor and delivered immediately to the Town Police Department.
('81 Code, § 74.08 hh., mm.) (Ord. 93039, passed  8-10-93; Am. Ord. 18069, passed 10-9-18)  Penalty, see § 10.99