(A)   The towing contractor will not release any vehicle which has been marked "hold" by the Town Police Department without written authorization to do so by the Town Police Department. If a vehicle has been placed on hold and has remained in storage for longer than three days, the towing contractor must immediately notify the official representative of the Police Department. During this hold, the vehicle must appear on the monthly written report until it is released.
   (B)   The towing contractor will release any vehicle which is not to be held or which has been authorized to be released when proof of ownership by a tow sheet, title, or registration when it is accompanied by proper identification which has been presented to the towing contractor.
   (C)   Any vehicle which is not claimed by the legal owner within three days shall be reported, in writing, to the Town Police Department, and must be included in the monthly written report until it is released.
   (D)   Storage fees will be paid at a rate for each 24-hour period or fraction thereof at the rate provided in this chapter. When a vehicle is released to its owner, an itemized statement of all charges made for the towing and/or impounding of the vehicle will be provided to the owner. No stored or impounded vehicle shall be released until proper evidence of ownership is exhibited, and all towing and storage charges have been paid. Storage fees will stop accruing once all charges have been paid in full and the vehicle has been removed from the storage facility. An owner may be subject to additional storage fees if the vehicle is not removed from the storage facility within 24 hours of payment. The towing and storage charges shall be collected by the towing company.
   (E)   All owners of vehicles, which were towed, or which are located in the impound area, must be able to redeem said vehicle from the towing contractor during every business day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. When the storage site is closed, the telephone numbers of the towing contractor or his or her employees must be posted so that they can be reached at all times. Upon receipt of a telephone request to open the site to redeem a vehicle which is not on "hold" by the Town Police Department, the vehicle must be released within twelve hours after the request.
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