(A)   The towing or wrecker service shall be responsible for all damage on all vehicles unless such damage is noted by the police officer before the vehicle is removed from the scene. The towing or wrecker service towing for the town will be responsible for pointing out damage on the vehicle to the officer before leaving the scene. The service shall not be responsible for lost or stolen articles unless they are negligent or fail to comply with the storage requirements as set forth in this chapter.
   (B)   The Town Police Department reserves the right to cancel a request for towing service from the towing contractor at any time, including and up to the time of hookup. When canceled by the Town Police Department, the towing contractor will be placed back at the top of the call out list.
   (C)   The towing contractor, when towing vehicles from the scene of an accident, will be responsible for removing all broken debris, glass, fluids, and other matter from the swale, street, and right-of-way as a result of the accident. Proper and full clean-up by the towing contractor is essential for safety reasons and to remain on the rotation system. Failure to comply with this provision will result in the towing contractor being removed from the rotation for a period of up to 30 days.
   (D)   The town reserves the right in each case requiring a heavy-duty wrecker to call any towing service not in the rotation system if any towing service in the system does not have such capability.
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