(A)   The towing contractor must maintain storage facilities for towed vehicles at his/her own business facility. The storage facility must have signage on the exterior of the business that clearly indicates to the general public the company name and 24-hour telephone number. The towing contractor must have an appropriate staff to be responsive to the police and any individual involved with towing or wrecker services.
   (B)   The towing contractor must have a minimum 20 vehicle storage area. If towing contractors on the town's rotational system choose to share storage facilities, they must have the appropriate storage capacity to meet the minimum vehicle storage requirement for each towing contractor utilizing the facility. The storage compound must be appropriately secured to ensure the protection of personal property and to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Outside storage facilities must be sufficiently lighted with lockable fences which encompass the entire storage lot and be of an adequate size to discourage theft of vehicles and property stored within. If the storage compound is located in the town, then the storage facility must comply with all zoning ordinances, including providing sufficient buffers and/or screening of the storage area.
   (C)   All equipment and storage facilities may be inspected by the Town Police Department at any time without notice. The town reserves the right to reject the use of any storage facilities or equipment after inspection by the Town Police Department.
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