(A)   The towing contractor must have a wrecker of sufficient size and strength to handle the job. The police department will have the right to call a wrecker service that, in its opinion, fails to meet this qualification for a specific job. Under these conditions, the wrecker service not called will remain on the top of the rotation list. The towing contractor's fleet of trucks must consist of wreckers equipped with the following:
      (1)   Tow truck shall have a minimum manufacture capacity of 10,000 GVW.
      (2)   Power winch with pulling capacity of not less than four tons.
      (3)   Minimum of 100 feet of cable necessary for the job.
      (4)   A manufactured wheel-lift with a retracting lifting capacity of not less than 3,500 pounds as rated by the manufacturer with safety chains.
      (5)   Dual rear wheels.
      (6)   Amber flashing lights visible in all directions for a distance of 500 feet in normal sunlight.
      (7)   Signage which is permanently affixed on the driver and passenger doors which indicates the company name, address, and telephone number. The letters of the sign must be no less than two inches high, plainly visible, and a color which contrasts to that of the wrecker.
   (B)   The towing vehicle fleet must be in good repair.
   (C)   All towing operators must be able to communicate effectively by cellphone throughout the entire corporate limits. Wreckers will not be operated as emergency vehicles.
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