§ 112.21  COMPLIANCE.
   (A)   The service must comply with all sections of this chapter, all rules listed in the application/ agreement and any other additional rules the Town Police Department deems appropriate.
   (B)   All towing and wrecker services must conform to, and comply with, all town ordinances, rules, and policies pertaining to such services.
   (C)   All towing and wrecker services participating in the rotation system are subject to inspection. A wrecker service that fails to pass inspection and qualification as prescribed by regulation will be notified of the deficiencies. When the wrecker service corrects the deficiencies, it may request a new inspection. A wrecker service will have 30 days from the date of the notice to correct any deficiencies. Failure to correct the deficiencies will result in the wrecker service being removed from the rotation for 30 days or until the deficiencies are corrected.
('81 Code, § 74.08 d., h.) (Ord. 93039, passed 8-10-93; Am. Ord. 00049, passed 12-12-00; Am. Ord. 18069, passed 10-9-18) Penalty, see § 10.99