(A)    Approval by the Director of the Department of Engineering and Development Services, or his or her designee, of the Final Plat for recording shall be withheld unless and until the Subdivider has installed the required improvements as specified.
   (B)   Any authorized agent of the Planning Commission, the Town, or other affected public authority shall be granted the right of free access to the subdivision at all times, for the purpose of inspecting the construction and installation or improvements in accordance with approved plans and specifications and requirements of this chapter.
   (C)   (1)    If exigencies of construction necessitate major changes in the approved plans and specifications, the Subdivider shall request approval of such changes by the Planning Commission or Department of Engineering and Development Services staff, as applicable, prior to undertaking such changes.
      (2)   Minor changes may be made by the design professional and noted on the final plans as submitted to the Town.
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