(A)   If an Impact Assessment for a residential subdivision is required pursuant to § 156.054 of the Zoning Code, the request is sent to Town Council, following Conceptual Plan and Impact Assessment review and recommendation by the Planning Commission.
      (1)   Town Council shall approve, or stipulate approval with conditions, or disapprove the request, pursuant to the provisions of § 156.054.
      (2)   Any stipulations, revisions, or conditions placed on the development by Town Council must be made prior submittal of a Final Plat, or as specified by Town Council.
   (B)   Plans for review and coordination and other submittals are subject to the following:
      (1)   Plans for review and coordination that are submitted for Impact Assessments shall include the information required for Conceptual Plan submittal. In addition, they shall include a master drainage plan, a master sanitary sewer plan, and a master potable water distribution plan.
      (2)    All other submittal requirements are as stated in § 156.054 of the Zoning Code, and contained in the Impact Assessment Application Checklist, the requirements of which shall be compiled by Department of Engineering and Development Services staff, and may be subject to alteration from time to time, as deemed necessary.
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