(A)   (1)   After the Final Plat has been approved by the staff, copies meeting all requirements shall be filed for recording by the Charleston County Register of Mesne Conveyance within 30 days of the date of final approval.
      (2)   If the Subdivider fails to arrange for the recording of the plat within such period, the actions of the staff shall be null and void, unless an extension of time is granted, in writing, by the staff upon written request by the Subdivider.
   (B)   (1)    Recording of the Final Plat shall constitute an irrevocable offer to deed all streets and other public ways shown thereon to the Town (unless a notation stating that there is no offer of dedication of certain designated streets is placed on the plat by the Subdivider and approved by the Director of the Department of Engineering and Development Services, or his or her designee), and to dedicate, deed, or reserve, as specified by the Director, all park reservations, school sites, and other such areas to the public use.
      (2)   Recording of the plat, however, shall not impose any duty upon the Town, County, or State concerning improvement, maintenance, or acceptance of such streets or reserved areas, until the proper authorities have made formal acceptance of same by legal action.
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