(A)    Application for Final Plat approval shall be made in the Department of Engineering and Development Services, and shall include such information as set forth in the Final Plat Application Checklist provided by the Department of Engineering and Development Services, as may be amended from time to time.
      (1)   For large subdivisions, the Final Plat may be submitted for approval progressively in sections conforming to the approved Preliminary Plat.
      (2)   As-built plans shall be submitted at the time of application for plat approval or upon completion of the work.
      (3)   However, record drawings may be substituted with prior approval of the Town Engineer, if the work substantially conforms to approved construction plans.
      (4)   The Final Plat, accompanying data, and approval from the Town Engineer(s), or his or her designee(s), that all work has been satisfactorily completed, shall be submitted as a package.
      (5)   Incomplete submittals shall be returned without review.
   (B)    The Final Plat shall meet the requirements of the Charleston County ROD Office for recording, and shall be submitted at a scale of one inch equals 100 feet or larger.
      (1)   Minimum plat size shall be 81/2 × 11 inches.
      (2)   Where necessary, the plat may be on several sheets, accompanied by an index sheet or key map insert showing the entire subdivision.
      (3)   Five copies of the plat shall be submitted.
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