(A)   Before entering into a development agreement, the town shall conduct at least two public hearings.  At the option of Town Council, the initial public hearing may be held by the Mount Pleasant Planning Commission.  Public notice of the day, time, and place of the second public hearing must be announced at the first public hearing.
   (B)   (1)   Notice of intent to consider a development agreement must be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the local government is located.
      (2)   The notice must specify the location of the property subject to the development agreement, the development uses proposed on the property, and must specify a place where a copy of the proposed development agreement can be obtained.  The town must make copies of the proposed development agreement available to the public for a reasonable charge.
      (3)   Any developer pursuing a development agreement with the town is required to provide ten complete copies to the town of any proposed agreement for review by the public at no charge.
   (C)   In the event that the development agreement provides that the local government shall provide certain public facilities, the development agreement shall  provide that the delivery date of such  publicfacilities will be tied to defined completion percentages or other defined performances standards to be met by the developer.
(Ord. 99056, passed 12-14-99; Am. Ord. 05085, passed 12-14-05)