(A)   This ordinance may be cited as the "Town of Mount Pleasant Development Agreement Ordinance."
   (B)   The town finds:
      (1)   The lack of certainty in the approval of development can result in a waste of economic and land resources, can discourage sound capital improvement planning and financing, can cause the cost of housing and development to escalate, and can discourage commitment to comprehensive planning.
      (2)   Assurance to a developer that upon receipt of its development permits it may proceed in accordance with existing laws and policies, subject to the conditions of a development agreement, strengthens the public planning process, encourages sound capital improvement planning and financing, assists in assuring there are adequate capital facilities for the development, encourages private participation in comprehensive planning, reduces the economic costs of development, allows for orderly planning of public facilities and services and allows for the equitable allocation of the cost of public services.
      (3)   Because the development approval process involves the expenditure of considerable sums of money, predictability encourages the maximum efficient utilization of resources at the least economic cost to the public.
      (4)   Public benefits derived from development agreements may include, but are not limited to, affordable housing, design standards, and on and off-site infrastructure and other improvements.  These public benefits will be negotiated in return for the vesting of development rights for a specific period.
      (5)   Land planning and development involve review and action by multiple governmental agencies, the use of development agreements may facilitate the cooperation and coordination of the requirements and needs of the various governmental agencies having jurisdiction over land development.
      (6)   Development agreements will encourage the vesting of property rights by protecting such rights from the effect of subsequently enacted local legislation or from the effects of changing policies and procedures of local government agencies which may conflict with any term or provision of the development agreement or in any way hinder, restrict or prevent the development of the project.  Development agreements will provide a reasonable certainty as to the lawful requirements that must be met in protecting vested property rights, while maintaining the authority and duty of government to enforce laws and regulations which promote the public safety, health, and general welfare of the citizens of our town.
   (C)   It is the intent and responsibility of the Town Council to encourage a stronger commitment to comprehensive and capital facilities planning, ensure the provision of adequate public facilities for development, encourage the efficient use of resources, and reduce the economic cost of development.
   (D)   This intent is effected by authorizing the town to enter into development agreements with developers, subject to the procedures and requirements of this chapter.
   (E)   This chapter must be regarded as supplemental and additional to the powers conferred upon the town by other laws and must not be regarded as in derogation of any powers existing on the effective date of this chapter.
(Ord. 99056, passed 12-14-99)