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Type of Stormwater Facility:
___ Wet Pond          ___ Bio-System         ___  Other (describe)                                         
___ Dry Pond          ___ Manufactured system                                                      
I,                                                                                         , as owner of the above described facility accept the responsibility for ownership and proper maintenance of the permanent pond(s) and or other structural best management practices on the site, per the approved and designated maintenance plan and schedule shown below.
I will complete any necessary repairs and/or preventative maintenance procedures in a timely manner to ensure proper functioning of the pond as a stormwater management device.
It is my understanding that the maintenance plan may be amended/revised at any time by The Town of Mount Pleasant, if the current schedule is deemed insufficient, and I will abide by any prescribed changes.
I agree to perform at a minimum, unless more frequent inspections are dictated by either the system manufacturer or the Town of Mount Pleasant, an annual inspection of the stormwater facility.
I understand more routine inspections may be performed by the owner or owner's representatives on a more frequent basis; however, the annual inspection must be performed and reported on by a licensed professional engineer.
I understand that the report of the annual inspection must include the results of the inspection and remedial actions undertaken or planned.
I agree to send the inspection reports and other requested documentation to the town's Stormwater Manager for review on an annual basis or by June 30 of each reporting year.
I agree to maintain an inspection log of findings and remediations. This log shall be kept by the facility owner and transferred with the property to future owners.
I will continue to own and maintain the pond until the Town of Mount Pleasant is notified in writing of a transfer in ownership and maintenance responsibility.
The notification will include a date for the transfer of responsibility and a letter of acceptance from the new owner.
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   1.   Detention basin to be owned and maintained by                                                                         .
   2.   Grass to be mowed on a regular basis (minimum twice a year).
   3.   Dike to be maintained with prompt repair of any eroded areas and no tree growth allowed to occur. Trash to be removed from within and around the pond and the outlet structure, on a regular basis and after any large storm events.
   4.   Outlet structure to be inspected and sediment to be removed on a regular basis during construction.
   5.   Repairs to outlet structure and outlet pipe to be made if needed.   
   6.   Sediment accumulation to be removed from pond by contractor at the end of construction.
   7.   Outlet discharge and emergency spillway to be inspected on a regular basis and after large storm events.
      a.   Repair if necessary.
   8.   Pond bottom to be inspected as necessary to provide positive drainage to the outlet.
   9.    At the time of the end of warranty as-built survey, the average pond depth was                         feet/inches. This pond system is designed to have a water quality trapping efficiency of           %. This efficiency is considered  impacted once the pond bottom has filled to                         feet/ inches. The functionality of the pond may also be impacted by other, non-sediment-related pollutants, and may require other repair or management actions.
For bio systems, such as bio-retention, constructed wetlands, or other "naturalized forms" of water quality controls that may be installed and maintained by the owner, reference to the maintenance and repair of specific systems should be made using the SCDHEC BMP Manual, or as identified and recommended by the design professional or licensed professional engineer.
   1.   Inspection frequencies and specific inspection activities shall follow the manufactures' recommendations or requirements.
   2.   The system shall be cleaned in accordance with the manufactures' recommendations or requirements or as may be dictated by the Town of Mount Pleasant.
   3.   A log of the quantity and quality of the materials removed may be required by the Town of Mount Pleasant.
   4.   Materials removed from the system, including polluted water generated during the cleaning process, must be properly disposed of.
(Ord. 99016, passed 6-8-99; Am. Ord. 02045, passed 7-9-02; Am. Ord. 07045. passed 8-14-07; Am. Ord. 13027, passed 6-11-13)