The owner and subdivider of the land (describe property/reference plat), and whose name is subscribed hereto, acknowledges and agrees to maintenance of the streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage facilities until a satisfactory inspection is completed no sooner than two years from the date of final plat approval.  Maintenance will be constructed to include preserving and ensuring all aspects of the road and drainage system are kept in good condition, show no signs of structural defects and damages, are free from sediment by periodic silt removal, and the functional integrity remains at an acceptable level as deemed by the Town Engineer.
   Notarized:                  Owner:                                            
('81 Code, § 154.56) (Ord. passed 6-9-92; Am. Ord. 11-9-99; Am. Ord. 00063, passed 1-9-01; Am. Ord. 02045, passed 7-9-02; Am. Ord. 07015, passed 6-12-07; Am. Ord. 13027, passed 6-11-13)