State on document: Drainage Easement, County of Charleston, Town of  Mount Pleasant
   Whereas, the Town of Mount Pleasant by and through the Town Council, is desirous of providing drainage in the section of Charleston County, known as,                                   , and to accomplish this must obtain an easement permitting the maintenance of a drainage system through the portion of said section, as listed below; and
   Whereas, the undersigned owners of the property are desirous of cooperating with said town and are minded to grant unto it an easement in and to the property necessary therefor.
   Now, therefore, in consideration of the foregoing and the benefits to be derived by the improvements to the drainage conditions, the undersigned have granted, bargained and sold, released and conveyed by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, release and convey unto the Town of Mount Pleasant:
   All those certain drainage easements as shown on a plat entitled: “Final plat,                           Town  of  Mount Pleasant,  Charleston  County, South Carolina,” dated                             , and duly recorded in the RMC Office for Charleston County, South Carolina, in Plat Book           at page           .
   Said drainage easements having such size, shape, location, buttings, and boundings, as shown on said plat reference, to which is hereby made for a more complete description.
   Provided however, the Town of Mount Pleasant shall not be responsible for aquatic-growth control, normal cleaning or general maintenance, all of which shall be the responsibility of the grantor herein, its successors and assigns.
   And to the end that the same may be properly maintained for drainage, the said Town of Mount Pleasant shall at all times have the right of ingress and egress to the land affected by said easement.
   The Town has no obligation to repair, replace or to compensate the owner for trees, plants, grass, shrubs and other elements damaged or destroyed within the easements during the course of its activities.  As a matter of course, no structures should be placed within drainage easements.
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