(A)   Each Preliminary Plat drawing submitted for approval pursuant to these regulations shall carry the following certificates printed or stamped thereon as follows:
      (1)   Preliminary Engineering Certificate.
      “I hereby certify that this proposed Preliminary Plat correctly represents data compiled or verified through a survey completed by me on                     , 20     of property shown and described hereon.
                                                    , Registered Surveyor, No.      
      (2)   Certificate of Design.
      I hereby certify that the design and layout of the drainage facilities for the proposed lots, blocks streets, and other planned features included in this proposed Preliminary Plat have been prepared by me or under my direct supervision.
                                                    , Registered Professional, No.      
      (3)   Application for Plat Improvements.
      I hereby certify that no grading or clearing shall commence on the land included in this plat until a land clearing and grading permit has been issued, and that no installation of improvements shall be undertaken until a construction authorization letter from the Town Engineer has been issued.
      Subdivider:                                   Owner:                                  
      Date:                                      Date:                            
      (4)   Certificate of Purpose.
      This is a Preliminary Plat.  The use of this plat for the sale or transfer of property is forbidden.
      Subdivider:                                   Owner:                                  
      Date:                                      Date:                            
   (B)   Each application for Final Plat shall carry the following certificate printed or stamped thereon as follows:
      (1)   Surveyor's Certificate.
         It is hereby certified that this plat is true and correct, and was prepared from an actual survey of the property made by me or under my supervision; that all monuments shown hereon actually exist and their location, size, type, and material are correctly shown and is accordance with a class “A” survey.
                                              , Registered Surveyor, No.      
      (2)   Owner's Acknowledgment
State of South Carolina
County of Charleston
The owner of record of the land shown on this plat and whose name is subscribed thereto, and in person or through a duly authorized agent, acknowledges that this plat was made from an actual survey and dedicates to the use of the public forever the following. (Provide only those applicable.)
Public Streets:                                                                            
Public Easements:                                                                      
Public Parks/Open Space:                                                              
Type name, address, and telephone number of owner or subdivider:
Signature of Subdivider
      Type name, address, and telephone number of owner of record:
Signature of Owner
      (3)   Pond and Drainage Certification.  The owner of record of the land shown on this plat and whose name is subscribed thereto, and any subsequent owner, heir, successor or assign, acknowledges and agrees to the perpetual maintenance of the pond(s) located in this subdivision; and does release and hold harmless the town from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, attorney's fees and costs or judgements arising from said pond(s); and specifically releases the town from any and all liability and responsibility for flooding or erosion from storm drains or from flooding from high water or natural creeks, river, or drainage features.  A drainage easement is established for the sole purpose of providing for the emergency protection of the free flow of surface waters along all watercourses, as established by these regulations and the Director of Planning and Development, or his or her designee.  The town may conduct emergency maintenance operations within this easement where emergency conditions exist. Emergency maintenance shall be the removal of trees and other debris, excavation, filling, and the like necessary to remedy a condition, which, in the judgement of the Director, or his or her designee, is potentially injurious to life, property or the public road or utility system. Such emergency maintenance, conducted for the common good, shall not be construed as constituting a continual maintenance obligation on the part of the Town.
Signature of Owner
      (4)   Place for Final Plat approval by the Director of Planning and Development or his or her designee.
      (5)   Place for approval of Department of Health and Environment Control, if applicable for septic tank lots.
      (6)   Place for certificate of recording.
('81 Code, § 154.23) (Ord. passed 6-9-92; Am. Ord. 99055, passed 11-9-99; Am. Ord. 02045, passed 7-9-02; Am. Ord. 16082, passed 10-11-16)