§ 155.004  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER.  The Director of Engineering and Development Services.
   ANNUAL MEETING SCHEDULE. A schedule of all regular meetings of appointed and elected officials of the Town of Mount Pleasant, published no later than December of each year, and which may be amended from time to time.
   APPLICANT. The individual specified on an application form for any Sketch Plan, Plat, or other formal submittal to the Town as being the point of contact for such application.
   CRITICAL AREA. Pursuant to Title 48 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, CRITICAL AREA includes coastal waters, tidelands, beaches, and the beach/dune system.
   EASEMENT.  A grant by the property owner of the use of a strip of land for a specific purpose. Ownership is retained by the property owner, who is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the easement.
   ENGINEER.  A registered professional engineer in the state.
   FINAL PLAT.  A plat of all or part of a subdivision of property, including supporting data, showing all features and improvements required by these regulations, which substantially conforms to the approved Preliminary Plat. A FINAL PLAT is prepared after all required improvements, such as installation of infrastructure, are complete.
   LAND DEVELOPMENT.  A change in land characteristics through redevelopment, construction, subdivision into parcels, condominium complexes, apartment complexes, commercial parks, shopping centers, industrial parks, mobile home parks, or similar developments for sale, lease, or any combination of owner and rental characteristics.
   LOT.  A single parcel or tract of land as a part of a subdivision, or a tract of land of less than five acres.
   METES AND BOUNDS.  A system of describing and identifying land by measure and direction, bearing and distances, from an identifiable point of reference, such as a monument or other marker, to another marker.
   PLAT.  A drawing showing an actual subdivision of property into two or more lots, tracts or parcels.
   PRELIMINARY PLAT. A plat of all or part of a subdivision of property, showing all features and improvements required by these regulations, which substantially conforms to the approved Sketch Plan. A PRELIMINARY PLAT is prepared prior to the installation of required improvements, such as infrastructure.
   PRELIMINARY STAFF REVIEW. A non- binding review of a Sketch Plan by Department of Planning and Development staff required prior to formal submittal of the Sketch Plan to the Planning Commission.
   REGULATIONS.  The whole body of regulations, text, charts, diagrams, notations, and references contained, or referred to, in this chapter.
   SKETCH PLAN. A map of property indicating a proposed subdivision design, and which includes all information listed in the Sketch Plan Approval Checklist provided by the Director of Engineering and Development Services, as may be amended from time to time.
   STREET.  For the purpose of this chapter, a street falls into one of the following categories that most accurately describes it:
      (1)   Public street.  Vehicular way deeded to and accepted by the governing authority for perpetual maintenance, and includes:
         •   Highways and thoroughfares.  Streets designed primarily to move large volumes of traffic and that provide for the movement of traffic;
         •   Collector street.  A street used to collect and distribute medium traffic volumes between origin and destination points. Principal entrance and circulation streets of subdivisions also are classified as collectors; and
         •   Minor street.  A street primarily used for abutting properties.
      (2)   Private street.  Vehicular way held in private or corporate ownership, and one which is ineligible for public expenditures and/or public maintenance, and includes:
         •   Alley.  An improved private right- of-way used primarily as a secondary means of access to the side or rear of properties whose principal frontage is on another street.
   STREET, DEAD-END. Any street having one outlet for vehicular traffic and having no intersections aside from this single vehicular outlet. A DEAD-END STREET may be designed in such a manner as to permit its extension at a later date.
   STREET, STUB. A street intended to be extended in conjunction with the subdivision and/or development of the adjacent parcel(s).
   SUBDIVIDER.  Shall carry the same meaning as the term DEVELOPER as used in this chapter.
   SUBDIVISION.  A division of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, building sites, or other divisions. The land is divided for sale, lease, or building development, whether immediately or in the future. The definition includes all land divisions involving a new street or change in existing streets. It includes re-subdivisions involving the further division or relocation of lot lines of any lot or lots within any previously approved or recorded subdivision, as well as combination of lots of record. The following exceptions are included within this definition only for the purpose of requiring that the local planning agency be informed and have a record of the subdivisions.
      (1)   Combining or recombining portions of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to the ordinance standards.
      (2)   Dividing land into parcels of five acres or more where a new street is involved. The Planning Commission must receive plats of these exceptions as information and indicate that fact on the plats.
      (3)   Combining or recording entire lots of record where no new street or change in existing streets is involved.
   SUBDIVISION PLAN.  Maps or drawings upon which the subdivision is presented for approval, including both the plat showing the division of the site and the plans and specifications for the improvements that are required in conjunction with the division of the property.
   WAIVER. A grant of relief from certain requirements of the Land Development Regulations by the Planning Commission. Such relief may only be granted where expressly permitted by this chapter.
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