§ 155.003  PURPOSE.
   The public health, safety, economy, good order, appearance, convenience, morals, and general welfare require the harmonious, orderly, and progressive development of land within the municipalities of the state. In furtherance of this general intent, the regulation of the land development is authorized for the following purposes, among others:
   (A)   To encourage the development of economically sound and stable municipalities and counties.
   (B)   To assure the timely provisions of required streets, utilities, and other facilities and services to new land developments;
   (C)   To assure the adequate provision of safe and convenient traffic access circulation, both vehicular and pedestrian, in and through new land developments;
   (D)   To assure the provision of needed open public open spaces and building sites in new land developments through the dedication or reservation of land for recreational, educational, transportation, and other public purposes; and
   (E)   To assure, in general, the wise and timely development of new areas, and redevelopment of previously developed areas in harmony with the comprehensive plans of municipalities and counties.
('81 Code, § 154.03) (Ord. passed 6-9-92; Am. Ord. 99012, passed 4-21-99; Am. Ord. 02045, passed 7-9-02)