(A)   Schedule of inspections by a town inspecting official.
      (1)   For both public streets and development projects, inspections of completed site work shall be conducted by a representative of the Director of Planning and Development.
      (2)   Each phase of the work shall be approved before starting the next phase.
      (3)   Prior to an inspection request, the developer's inspecting professional shall verify the proper execution of the work.
      (4)   The following minimum number of inspections shall be conducted by the town at the times indicated:
         (a)   Upon installation of initial erosion control devices;
         (b)   Upon completion of clearing and grubbing;
         (c)   Upon completion of pipe installation to include underdrains, drainage pipes, culverts, inlets and sediment control. Pipe joints to be inspected shall have filter fabric wrap installed, but the joint shall be left exposed until the inspection is complete and approved, at which time the fabric wrap may be closed and the area backfilled according to design plans and specification;
         (d)   Upon obtaining the subgrade elevation;
         (e)   Upon completion of curbs and gutters;
         (f)   Upon completion of base placement and compaction;
         (g)   Upon completion of pavement;
         (h)   Upon final cleaning of the streets and drainage system and completion of grassing;
         (i)   Prior to termination of final plat warranty period and the town's acceptance of piped drainage systems.
      (5)   A minimum of one block length of street shall be prepared for each inspection segment.
      (6)   A minimum of 48 hours shall be given prior to the time of inspection by the town.
      (7)   The developer's inspecting professional's log shall be submitted with the request for initial approval.
   (B)   Inspection fee schedule.
      (1)   Inspection fees. Upon application for a preliminary plat, the applicant shall submit such inspection fees for street construction and drainage systems, based upon a per linear foot of roadway centerline as may be established by the Town Council.
      (2)   Reinspection fees.
         (a)   Reinspection of previously inspected portions of the work shall be made at the rate of $100 per reinspection.
         (b)   Reinspection and fees shall be due and payable prior to approval of a final plat.
         (c)   Failure to pay such fees as required shall cause the work not to be accepted by the town.
   (C)   Video inspection by subdivider/developer.
      (1)   A video inspection of all storm drainage systems shall be performed by the subdivider/developer prior to issuance of final plat, and again before the end of the warranty period.
      (2)   The inspection shall be recorded and a copy of the inspection video to include inspection reports shall be delivered to the Director of Engineering and Development Services or his or her designee for review and comment.
      (3)   The video shall be provided on CD/DVD or other electronic delivery system as technology allows.
      (4)   The inspection video and report shall be clearly labeled with the name of the subdivider/developer, name of the construction project, phase of development, date of inspection(s), and name of inspecting company.
      (5)   The report shall include the sequence of inspection through the drainage system corresponding to the drainage summary on the development's construction plans.
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