(A)   Purpose. The town shall provide or develop and maintain a best management practices manual in accordance with the approved Stormwater Management Program. The best management practices manual shall serve as guidance for the design, construction and maintenance of facilities that discharge stormwater.
   (B)   Contents. The manual will include, but not be limited to, the following information:
      (1)   Guidance and specifications for the preparation of stormwater management plans. Acceptable techniques for obtaining, calculating and presenting the information required in the plans shall be described, as will design conditions that must be accounted for.
      (2)   Guidance in selecting environmentally sound practices for managing stormwater. Descriptions of specific techniques and practices shall be included. Development and use of techniques emphasizing use of natural systems shall be encouraged.
      (3)   Minimum specifications for designing, constructing and maintaining stormwater management facilities. These specifications shall be established in accordance with current good engineering practices.
      (4)   Minimum easement requirements.
      (5)   Post-development performance standards for stormwater management facilities and practices. Methodology/criteria for evaluation will include:
         (a)   Hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations;
         (b)   Evaluation of best management practices (BMPs); and
         (c)   Evaluation of downstream impacts.
      (6)   BMPs. BMPs can be either structural or nonstructural, and may be enforced by specific prescription in zoning requirements, subdivision regulations, or on a site-specific basis as may be prescribed to meet management program objectives.
   (C)   Updated periodically. The manual shall be updated periodically to reflect the most current and effective practices, and shall be made available to the public.
   (D)   Other accepted engineering practices may be used. The manual is not designed to replace the need for engineering judgment. Rather, other accepted engineering procedures may be used to conduct hydrologic and hydraulic studies, if they equal or exceed the procedures contained in the manual, or if they are approved by the Town Engineer.
   (E)   Compliance with other governmental requirements. Nothing in this chapter shall absolve the applicant form complying with other land usage ordinances, regulations or policy requirements. Applicants should ensure that their project is designed and conducted in accordance with all other local, state and federal requirements. Reviews and approvals of projects by town staff do not constitute approval for other governmental regulatory requirements
(Ord. 07045, passed 8-14-07)