(A)   The town may provide or develop and maintain a stormwater design standards manual in accordance with the approved Stormwater Management Program. In the event that the design manual has not been provided or updated, the Town Engineer may require specific design, structural, testing, inspection or repair standards until such time as the manual is provided.
   (B)   The stormwater design manual shall serve as guidance for the design, construction, testing, inspection and repair of stormwater infrastructure.
   (C)   Although the intention of the manual is to establish uniform practices, it neither replaces the need for engineering judgment nor precludes the use of information not presented.
   (D)   Other accepted engineering procedures may be used to conduct hydrologic and hydraulic studies if approved by the Town Engineer.
   (E)   Other options that become available and are not offered in the manual will be accepted for review and consideration by the Town Engineer.
   (F)   Nothing in this chapter shall absolve the applicant form complying with other land usage ordinances, regulations or policy requirements. Applicants should ensure that their project is designed and conducted in accordance with all other local, state and federal requirements. Reviews and approvals of projects by town staff do not constitute approval for other governmental regulatory requirements.
(Ord. 07045, passed 8-14-07)