(A)   The SWMP developed by the town to comply with the NPDES stormwater permit serves as the basis for the town's program implementation and administration. As amended from time to time by the town, the SWMP is hereby adopted for the life of the town's stormwater system NPDES permit as the official operational program. The mapping and geographic information system developed as part of the SWMP shall serve as the official authoritative information source for program administration.
   (B)   The Town Engineer and Stormwater Program Manager shall implement and conduct the town's operations according to the Town Stormwater Management Program. The SWMP serves as the basis for compliance with the NPDES stormwater permit granted to the town under the provisions of the Water Quality Act of 1987 and 40 C.F.R. § 122.26. This management program is more fully described in the NPDES stormwater permit, which defines the terms and conditions of the town's authority to operate its stormwater system.
   (C)   By way of summary only, the SWMP includes the following mandated elements:
      (1)   A description of structural and source control measures to reduce pollutants from runoff from commercial and residential areas;
      (2)   A description of a program to implement and maintain structural and nonstructural best management practices to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff from construction sites to the stormwater system.
      (3)   Illicit discharge program. [Reserved]
      (4)   Monitoring program. [Reserved]
(Ord. 07045, passed 8-14-07)