(A)   The Town Council may, at its discretion, amend or change this chapter or adopt additional regulations or resolutions to implement this chapter, comply with the NPDES permit, implement the Stormwater Management Program (“SWMP”), or to otherwise further the goal of protecting the quality of the waters into which the Town MS4 outfalls flow.
   (B)   Federal regulations governing stormwater management, as specified in 40 C.F.R. § 122.26, and State regulations, as specified in S.C. Regulation 61-9.122.26 adopted pursuant thereto, and S.C. Regulation 72.300 et seq. are adopted as the minimum requirements for all facilities as defined in the respective regulations.
   (C)   The Town Engineer and Stormwater Program Manager shall be responsible for day-to-day coordination, implementation and enforcement of this chapter and the SWMP. This includes, but is not limited to: the SWMP's monitoring program and the SWMP's stormwater management programs for commercial and residential activities, construction site runoff, post-construction run-off control, and illicit discharges and improper disposal. The Town Engineer shall be primarily responsible for activities related to design and construction activities, and the Stormwater Program Manager shall be primarily responsible for activities related to monitoring and inspection. Without limitation of the foregoing, the Town Engineer and Stormwater Program Manager have the following specific powers and duties:
      (1)   To issue any permit, certification or license that may be required by the SWMP;
      (2)   To deny a facility connection to the MS4 or discharge to waters of the state, if state, federal, or stormwater ordinances and regulations are not met.
      (3)   To approve BMP plans, and to require as a condition of such approvals, structural or nonstructural controls, practices, devices or operating procedures required under the SWMP.
      (4)   To require performance bonds of any person to secure that person's compliance with any BMP plan, permit, certificate, license or authorization issued or approved by the Town Engineer or Stormwater Program Manager pursuant to the SWMP.
      (5)   To comply with all federal and state regulatory requirements, promulgated or imposed pursuant to the Clean Water Act and the South Carolina Stormwater Management Act, applicable to the management of stormwater discharges to or from the Town MS4.
      (6)   To conduct all activities necessary to carry out the stormwater management program and other requirements included in the town NPDES permit, the SWMP and this chapter, and to pursue the necessary means and resources required to properly fulfill this responsibility.
      (7)   In compliance with the Mount Pleasant Code of Ordinances and procurement policies, to enter into agreements with other governmental entities or private persons or entities to provide or procure services to conduct and carry out stormwater management activities, provided proper administrative and Council approval processes are followed.
      (8)   To maintain the stormwater system consistent with the provisions of the town NPDES permit, the SWMP and this chapter.
      (9)   To direct, review and recommend for approval by Town Council, the stormwater management operating budget.
      (10)   To direct, review and recommend for approval by Town Council necessary changes to the existing Stormwater Management Program.
      (11)   To issue stop work and other orders necessary to insure compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. 07045, passed 8-14-07)