§ 138.06  EXCEPTIONS.
   Notwithstanding the provisions of § 138.04 herein, smoking may be permitted in the following places and/or circumstances:
   (A)   Private residences;
   (B)   Hotel, motel, inn, bed and breakfast and lodging home rooms that are rented to guests, designated as “smoking room” ("rooms"); provided that the total percentage of such rooms does not exceed 25% in such establishment. A room so designated shall have signs posted indicating that smoking is allowed therein;
   (C)   Performers upon a stage, provided that the smoking is part of the theatrical production being performed;
   (D)   Religious ceremonies where smoking is part of the ritual;
   (E)   Medical research facilities; and
   (F)   Retail tobacco stores.
(Ord. 07007,  passed 6-12-07; Am. Ord. 09035, passed 7-14-09)