In providing for the inapplicability of this chapter to the following divisions (A) through (G), it is specifically recognized that such locations are addressed in the Clean Indoor Air Act, enacted by the General Assembly of South Carolina and codified in S.C. Code §§ 44-95-10 et seq. Therefore, this chapter shall not apply to:
   (A)   Public schools and preschools, including libraries, where routine or regular kindergarten, elementary, or secondary educational classes are held;
   (B)   All other indoor facilities providing children's services to the extent that smoking is prohibited in the facility by federal law and all other child day care facilities, as defined in S.C. Code § 20-7-2700, which are listed pursuant to Sub-article 11, Article 13, Chapter 7, of Title 20 of the South Carolina Code;
   (C)   Health care facilities as defined in S.C. Code § 44-7-130;
   (D)   Government buildings as defined in S.C. Code § 44-95-20(4), except to the extent regulation by the town is authorized therein;
   (E)   Elevators;
   (F)   Public transportation vehicles, except for taxicabs;
   (G)   Arenas and auditoriums of public theaters or public performing art centers.
(Ord. 07007,  passed 6-12-07)