(A)   S.C. Code § 57-25-10 makes it unlawful for a person to display, place or affix a sign within the rights-of-way of state highways.
   (B)   In recent years the number of political signs illegally placed within the public rights-of-way prior to primary and general elections has increased dramatically. Often those who place such signs in the rights-of-way do not regularly maintain them in good conditions, or remove them promptly after an election.
   (C)   Often the signs are placed in locations that block the vision of motorists and pedestrians. They not only present a clear and present danger to members of the public, but also impinge on public resources ant the time of town employees who must remove signs when dangerous conditions exist.
   (D)   While the South Carolina Department of Traffic and Transportation concedes it is unlawful to erect such signs, it has made the determination that its resources are limited and the pressing nature of other maintenance responsibilities dictate that it require removal of such signs only when they constitute a danger to the traveling public.
   (E)   The existence of such signs create litter, create visibility polluting blight, may be detrimental to a healthy tourism economy and are a nuisance.
(Ord. 99060, passed 1-11-00)