When any sidewalk or portion thereof shall appear to be in a dirty or improper condition or shall appear unsightly by reason of trash, rubbish, grass, or weeds being thereon, it shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to notify the occupant of the building or owner of an unoccupied building or vacant lot abutting on such sidewalk or portion thereof, or in case of a building which is divided into offices, apartments, or tenements, to notify any one or more than one of the tenants or occupants of such building or any part thereof of the condition of such sidewalk, and unless within five days after such notification such occupant or owner shall cause such trash, rubbish, or weeds to be cut or the ice or snow to be removed and the sidewalk put in a clean and proper condition, such occupant or owner shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this section.
('81 Code, § 97.03)  Penalty, see § 10.99