(A)   A property owner may request a reconsideration of any determination or interpretation by the Town Engineer in the operation of the Stormwater Management Program fee.
      (1)   Such request must be in writing, specifically explaining the grounds for the request, and filed with the Town Engineer within 30 days of the annual billing date.
      (2)   Payment of the assessment under protest shall be a condition precedent relative to any request for reconsideration of any determination or interpretation by the Town Engineer.
   (B)   The Town Engineer shall review the application and make a decision on the request within 30 working days.
   (C)   The request shall be made upon such forms and be accompanied by such information as the Town Engineer, by written policy, shall require.
   (D)   In cases where the applicant believes the fee to be inappropriate, based on the actual impervious area of the property in which the applicant has interest, the applicant shall submit a site survey of the property. The survey shall be prepared by a licensed land surveyor, and shall contain the name and license number of the surveyor and date when the field survey was conducted. The survey shall also include, at a minimum:
      (1)   Property boundaries;
      (2)   Parking areas;
      (3)   Driveway(s);
      (4)   Building(s);
      (5)   Storm drainage facilities;
      (6)   Any other surface improvements; and
      (7)   Calculation of impervious areas.
(Ord. 96003, passed 2-13-96; Am. Ord. 08023, passed 4-8-08; Am. Ord. 14043, passed 7-8-14)